Cold Rolled Coils / Sheets

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Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets

ACCIL has 6HI Single Stand Reversible Mill at Bawal and one Twin Stand 6HI Reversible Cold Rolling Mill at Khopoli, Rolling pickled coils to desired thickness as low as 0.13mm and as high as 3.2mm.

ACCIL has the capacity and the capacity to produce cold rolled sheet of practically table top flatness with the following special features:

Online sheet thickness and flatness measurement and correction systems

Optimum utilization of Capacity by implementation of Auto Pass Schedule.

Universal Crown System to achieve high flatness index.

Level 2 automation.

0.13mm - 2.5mm (Tolerance +/-5 Microns)
750mm - 1250mm (Tolerance -0/+5mm) or as per customer requirement
Length of sheet
As per customer requirement
Coil Weight
As per customer requirement and upto 25MT(Max)
As per IS 513 Grade D/DD/EDD or as per customer requirements